Rexing Formula Steering Wheel "Mayaris" 2022 v1.1

Premium Full Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

Rexing formula steering wheel is used as addon wheel for PC games and simulations featuring:

  • Full carbon fiber body 4.3″
  • USBD480 LCD display compatible with popular sim racing software applications such as Simdash, Simhub and Z1
  • 11 RGB LEDs, 6 additional marshal RGB LEDs: all configurable to telemetry data. Adjustable brightness, and wide variety of colors to choose from.
  • 10 illuminated, dimmable push-buttons, each configurable to any telemetry data with the possibility to have more than one condition assigned to any button, and to choose priorities among the conditions. Their brightness can be adjusted, whereas their color is fixed and can’t be altered. Pushbuttons are high quality “Apem” brand with actuation force of 3.5 N and push travel of 1 mm.
  • 2 x 8-position switch:
    • 8-position switch labeled “Brightness” which can be used either to adjust brightness of the LEDs or as 8 additional inputs
    • second 8-position switch labeled “Extra switch” with 8 inputs (can be used to map functions such as TC level, ABS level, Engine map, Regen map etc.)
  • Multi-switch which functions simultaneously as a rotary encoder, a digital joystick and a button
  • 6 thumb rotary encoders: 2 upper “Alps” brand thumb encoders with softer click and 4 “Elma” brand encoders with a more sturdy and defined click
  • Potentiometer for clutch bite adjustment
  • Polyurethane rubber grips
  • Tempered glass display cover
  • Aluminium knobs


  • Magnetic paddle shifters
  • Hall sensor clutch paddles, single axis with bite point adjustment
  • OPTIONAL: Third set of paddles, each with dual action (possible to push it and pull it – with firm center position, providing a total of 4 configurable positions on just 2 paddles)
  • Aluminium hub on the back – accepts 50.8 mm and 70 mm wheel bases and quick releases (for example: Simucube, Fanatec Podium Hub and others)
  • Non-proprietary connector on the back of the wheel
  • High quality USB spiral cable included
  • Requires powered USB hub

Included with each steering wheel: self-adhesive labels for push-buttons, and various additional labels for customization