Semi - Pro

You are no longer a beginner and would like to experience the greatest realism in virtual racing with the professional SimRacing hardware? Achieve your maximum training success for real racing and train the ideal lines and braking points with the most diverse routes? Regardless of the season and thus the external weather conditions, you determine the weather in your own motorsport simulation. Start your competition with your own sports car. Forget the rules of the road, because here you can be sure that petrol is really flowing through your veins. Under the given conditions, you determine your own race route and train to keep a cool head at a high stress level. Benefit from the experiences of real professionals and be careful when you take the curve at high speed. During the on-site demo ride, you can really step on the gas pedal and increase your concentration for a longer time due to the numerous racing conditions. Ready to the race? There can only be one champion!

Mirco RS2

One of the most popular racing seats in Europe

Sim Racing Cockpit

Sim Racing Rig

Sim racing cockpit with 1x monitor mount

Sim racing rig
1x monitor holder

Sim racing cockpit with 3x monitor mount

Sim racing rig
3x monitor holder

Sparco Racing Seat Circuit QRT Gaming

Racing seat derived from the real turismo and rally seats

Universal seat console

For the perfect sitting position


You want your individual rig?

  • A rig according to your ideas
  • Adapted to your steering wheel and your pedals
  • Suitable for your screens
  • Which perfectly fits to you
  • In the color black or silver
  • Rig and hardware from a single source


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