The development

was the founding year of our company PROLIMITS. At the beginning, our focus was on programming software add-ons for racing simulations. But that's not all. A short time later we dared to take the step and began to recreate the first vehicles and detailed routes and made them available to the public for free download. As a result, we got the first large companies as a regular customer base, which also saw the potential in advertising and used our service for marketing purposes.

it was possible for us for the first time to win large corporations such as PANASONIC TOYOTA F1 as customers. We ourselves describe this year as the start in the professional scene of simulations and racing simulators.

we transferred our experience from racing simulation to real racing and finally we managed to win a motorsport team as a customer. That pivotal moment was the launch into the real world of motorsport. From this point on, we also developed various software from which not only individual customers but also teams could benefit.

our company established itself more and more in motorsport. By working together with one of the most successful motorsport teams at the Nürburgring, we began to study the individual processes of real motorsport and adapted our software to the needs and wishes of the professionals. This is how we managed to develop products that are revolutionary, practical and strategically indispensable.

we offer our simulators additionally We also offer advice on the selection of products and further individual support for our customers. Support is very important to us. Our specialists passionately provide any support for our customers 24/7. We are familiar with every challenge and we deliver the right solution for every problem very promptly. We look forward to your call.


Thomas Jung

Thomas Jung

Executive Director

What our customers say


«We have been working with PROLIMITS for a long time. Mr. Jung is an expert in software development, media design and general IT topics. He is very cooperative and always has optimal solutions.»

Jacqueline J.


«You can always rely on Thomas. We have been working together for several years and he is there to help with every little problem. It does not matter whether we call during the week, in the evening or on the weekend. With his technical know-how, most problems can be solved on the phone.»

Philip M.


«You can always rely on Thomas. Optimal and a very honest advice followed by 100% correct work. Thanks to Thomas, after a long search I finally have a great equipment and a competent contact person.»

Pierre S.

„It is our aim to master everyday tasks exceptionally well!

We think and think ahead!

PROLIMITS work is always solid, professional, smart and forward-thinking,

created with a lot of head, heart and good hand tools!“

Our strength? To develop individual solutions!

Don't be afraid of new tasks!

Our motivation? To realize your idea together with you!

Our goal? to satisfy our customers in the best possible way!

We are a broad-based team of specialists in the areas of motorsport, electronics, computers & EDP, which solves even the most difficult tasks with its know-how.

Regardless of whether you are a private customer or a company, we will be happy to advise you, whether in our office, at your site or on the world's racetracks.

We are willing to compromise and are happy to take the time to resolve your concerns satisfactorily.

Through personal contact we would like to give you the feeling that you are in the right place with us. No matter what problem you are facing, together we will find a solution!